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A story of freshness

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meet CHarlie and missy weitzel

For as long as we have been together, we have dreamed of opening some type of boutique store. Charlie grew up the son of small business owners in Frankfort, KY and was instilled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  For Missy, candles and other aromatherapies  have always provided a sense of calm when life gets too stressful. By starting Calico Candle Co. we fulfilled a passion we both share. 


Calico Candle Co. is named after our sweet rescue cat, Callie the Calico kitty.  She is strong, brave, curious, and a survivor.  She inspires us to always stay strong and motivated while being the kindest people we can be.  


At Calico Candle Co. we handmake our candle lids and wood coasters.  Each of our candles are hand poured in small batches.  We are always working to create new, unique scents and products to share with you.


We hope you enjoy your experience with Calico Candle Co. May your new aromas still your mind and bring you peace and serenity. 

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